SpaceDumpling (SDUMP)
SpaceDumpling Token

Token Info

    Name: Dumpling Token
    Symbol: DUMP
    Contract: 0x13F6751ba11337BC67aBBdAd638a56194ee133B8
    Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
    Supply: Unlimited

Transfer Tax

    Burn Rate: 1% of transfer tax will be burned immediately
    Automatic Liquidity Rate: 4% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.
    Total Transfer Tax Rate: 5% of every transfer
    Anti-Whale: Transactions over 1% of the total supply will be charged 20% (5% tax will apply to the remaining amount)
*Transfer tax applies to every activity that involves transferring a token from one address to another

Emission Rate

    10 SDUMP / block
    8.5% to the dev team for project growth and marketing
    1% to the Dumpler Game
    0.5% to the Mini Dumpler Game
*6% slippage must be set on Panackeswap in order to buy the token
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