Dumpler Mini
Dumpler Mini is Dumpler's little brother, rules are very similar but in this game the last 3 people win. This variant was created to prevent whales from controlling the bids. In this variant only reflex matters.

Game Rules

The Dumpler Mini game has a 2h countdown timer which does not reset until the time runs out.Minimum Bid is 5% of the Dumpler balance. 10% of bid will be burned.If a user wins, Dumpler balance is distributed as follows: 40% is burned 10% carries over to the next round 50% distributed to first 3 winners: first place 60% (of 50% total). second place 30% (of 50% total). third place 10% (of 50% total). If nobody bids over a 15m period: Game stops and anyone can claim winner reward to start new game.
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Game Rules